Welcome to the New England Muscle Bicycle Museum Site. This museum site owned and operated by Mark Wilson and now includes pictures of the one time collection of 100's bicycles and motorcycles from the 1960's and 1970's. The museum was located in Bloomfield, CT.  Please feel free to use images and quote what ever you like. Give credit if you feel like it. Keep enjoying the hobby get the bikes out among the public on bike paths, car shows and motorcycle swap meets.

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News Flash: Site administrator Mark, muscle bike hobbyist and collector extraordinaire is, as of today; February the 6th 2012, the new proud owner of the New England Muscle Bicycle Museum Site. He has many exciting changes planned for the near future, but will no doubt keep much of the existing history and pictures that makes this reference site what it is. I cannot think of a better person to take this over and make it a destination. He will be available to do all the things I have done in the past, such as being accessible by phone for the guy who just found the hobby, offering to fairly price rare banana bikes and explain what it is and to judge condition on a 1-10 scale. He has my full support and has my ear whenever he needs it. Email him a congratulations! 


Terrific auction today in Copake, NY. 26 of the NEMBM bicycles were sold and the buyers, seller and the auctioneer all made out great! Very professional auction with 100's of people in attendance, bidders on line, bidders on the phone and absentee bids all working together to hook up buyers with sellers. 555 items sold in 7 hours. I could not have wished for a better venue. DO NOT hesitate to use The Copake Auction house for your buying and selling of bicycle related items.


Copake Auction is NEXT WEEK! Get your catalog and bid on line or go in person!  26 bikes from the Museum!

All the bikes not at Copake Auction House, sold or being kept by me are now on the new eBay store "More than Just Muscle Bikes" Have a peek!

The Museum Swap was a great time is spite of the rain. The band played in the Motorcycle Garage and could be heard a mile away. This Swap was bittersweet as the it was the last time the museum was open in it's full glory. Racks are being sold as I prepare 25 bikes to be delivered to the Copake Auction House in November for an April auction. There are some bikes, art, literature, display cases and display parts and hubs available to those who are interested. I am keeping 25 hand picked bikes and a few racks and some sentimental things for myself.

   I am hoping to transfer the name "The Northeast Bike Swap Meet" to someone who wants to do a quality friendly show in Connecticut.   

Museum bike availability is dwindling as I remove my personal keepers from the sale list. Have a look at the pricing page and remember that the bikes denoted by (*) are to be sold only at Copake.

8 -10 -10: Twenty Five hand picked Museum bicycles will be made available for the 20th anniversary Copake Bicycle Auction. See 24 of them in the "Pricing section" as denoted by a (*).  We will be preparing info and pics for Mike Fallon's Auction Catalog. Stay tuned!!!

The Museum Swap is almost here! Be sure to attend what may be the last Swap to be held on the museum grounds.

*Come to Rhinebeck's AMCA vintage motorcycles meet this June 2010 in New York. You may see a few of the Museum motorcycles and bicycles being Auctioned off! The Museum is overcrowded and can stand to lose 30 or more machines.

* Last year's Swap Meet was big fun. Thanks to all who made the trip to the Museum and took part in this yearly event. We will do this again next August. 22 2010

* The Museum loaned out a number of bike to the director of the movie "Indian Hill" that was filmed in Portland, CT.

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* 2-6-2012 Big News!

* 4-16-2011 Update!

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* 3-1-2011 Updated again!

* 1-13-2011 Cleaned out the newly sold bikes from the pricing page. The Museum space has been completely emptied. Very sad day.

* 12-18-10 added new bike content and updated the Pricing page by eliminating the sold bikes.

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*  Updated while using pain killers on 5-12-10 Whoo hoo!

*  Swap meet date is August 22 2010. Pray for SUN! Location is 8 Peters Rd, Bloomfield CT 06002.

*   Events up! We are going to RIDE...

*   Updated the pricing page ***2/25/10